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Tag: creative writing

No Cygnet for Sleep: 2

‘No Cygnet for Sleep’ contains strong language, sexual scenes, drug use, and gore.   iver No Proposition Denied By Jivan Ward   Knife fork and plate chatter screech falsetto. Waitress […]

Taking the Plunge

By Sebastian Rydberg  I remember it well – my first creative writing workshop. An entire table of classmates along with a very intense tutor who were all going to critique […]

I am Your Fingertips

Originally posted on Kristin E. Bergene:
River Ram Press: Weekly Writing Prompt… ‘Write a letter to someone, or something, that’s been trapped in your mind, be it fictional or personal.’…

No Cygnet for Sleep: 1

‘No Cygnet for Sleep’ contains strong language, sexual scenes, drug use, and gore.   No Cygnet for Breakfast By Jivan Ward Brown-tip-dip-dyed-blond hair like butter on forehead and taste and […]

Story of the Month: John Steele

September brings us chilly autumnal air, and with that sweeps in a new featured Story and Writer here at RRP Story of the Month! This month’s feature is John Steele […]

No Cygnet for Sleep: An Introduction

Jivan Ward was first seen on the RRP Blog with his excellent piece ‘Thread‘ that won him the Story of the Month Award in April 2014. You may expect a new […]

A One Year Celebration!

This has been such an incredible year for River Ram Press! Today, we celebrate our one year anniversary for founding the RRP Blog and going public to the world as a new […]

Writing through Hospitalizations

By Emily Glossner Johnson Every day, many people with a variety of ailments go to the hospital for treatment. For this reason, I should not be ashamed to write that […]

Become a Highlighted Author for The Ram Boutique

The Ram Boutique plans to start a new wave of academic, literary journals. A sassy, aesthetically pleasing and clever combination of words, art, and design, with many opportunities to incorporate other artistic […]