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Tag: Emily Glossner Johnson

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

By Emily Glossner Johnson It’s almost become a cliché to say that the holiday season can be a difficult and lonely time for some people. I think this is because, […]

A One Year Celebration!

This has been such an incredible year for River Ram Press! Today, we celebrate our one year anniversary for founding the RRP Blog and going public to the world as a new […]

Writing through Hospitalizations

By Emily Glossner Johnson Every day, many people with a variety of ailments go to the hospital for treatment. For this reason, I should not be ashamed to write that […]

Writing and the Bipolar States of Mind

How can bipolar states of mind affect writing? A question asked by our regular guest writer Emily Glossner Johnson. The name bipolar disorder suggests that the disorder consists of only […]

A Sense of Place in a Bipolar World

by: Emily Glossner Johnson Bipolar disorder has taken me to places to which many people have never been. I’ve been hospitalized four times at two different hospitals and in a […]

Creating Mentally Ill Characters

By Emily Glossner Johnson As a person with bipolar disorder, I’m drawn to mental health issues and characters with mental illness in literature. As a writer, I often create characters […]