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The Art of Character Development

By Emily Alvarez Characters are the glue of every story. I say this because, well, in reality they are the reason a reader will read past chapter one. Without interesting […]

Audiobooks? Yes please.

By Emily Alvarez Audiobooks… What is there to say about the written word read aloud? Since the 1930s, essays, poetry, stage plays, and books have been a common find in […]

The Age of Digital Publishing

By Emily Alvarez We are in the age of information overflowing from every crevice of the earth. Whether it is coming from word of mouth, machines designed to alert of […]

Story of the Month: Jivan Ward

For our April Award recipient we have a piece entitled “Thread” by Jivan Ward. “Thread” is an very conceptual and creative piece that reads almost as a stream of consciousness. […]