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Tag: Kristin Bergene

Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday: New Year, New Start for the RRP Blog

Stepping over the threshold of a new year is always an exhilarating experience. With the intense feeling the motivation that comes with a new beginning to the self-made promises of self-betterment, there is so much to fuel the fire within that allows you to achieve great things (even if only for a little while).

I am Your Fingertips

Originally posted on Kristin E. Bergene:
River Ram Press: Weekly Writing Prompt… ‘Write a letter to someone, or something, that’s been trapped in your mind, be it fictional or personal.’…

A One Year Celebration!

This has been such an incredible year for River Ram Press! Today, we celebrate our one year anniversary for founding the RRP Blog and going public to the world as a new […]