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TRB: Behind the Scenes of Chase Pifer’s ‘Non-Compliant’

This past April, I was fortunate to be featured as the Ram Boutique Highlighted Author of the month. Of course, with such an honor comes the responsibility of selecting something worthy to submit. In my case, this meant filtering through a long list of short stories written in a genre blending that is not so commonly seen today. The process was challenging, and as a result also quite rewarding.

I’ve had an interest in utopian and dystopian literature since before my first year at university, and more recently have developed a fascination with blending these two distinct styles with elements of direct socio-political philosophy. This offers me a truly broad range of inspirational works, including George Orwell’s 1984, Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War, John Locke’s Second Treatise on Government, and Machiavelli’s The Prince, to name a few.

With such a wonderfully rich body of source material to work from, I chose to write a series of short stories which each address one or two various issues, rather than attempting to cram all of what I had hoped to say into a single overwhelming piece. There are an almost infinite number of subjects to delve into within these three genres of writing, and I wanted each story that I approached to have a more uniquely tailored feel. This is something I believe helps to convey the message I intend to share more accurately and appropriately.

For my submission, I actually offered five options. Each focused upon a different element of a single theme, self. The piece selected for the Boutique was entitled Noncompliant and, though it is still a work in progress, is relevant to modernity because of its connection to the insanity that many people feel defines our political system today. Keeping these stories relevant and yet only just suggestive of the message I hope to get across allows for a true personal connection with each reader. Drawing them in with something familiar while allowing their interpretation of the message to shine through in their reading is, for me, the crux of the literary art form today.

It is my sincere hope with each piece I write to inspire, motivate, educate, or just even plain old entertain. The brilliant author/philosophers who’ve written works that endure in our cultural memory unto today knew something about literature that I feel our generation is re-discovering today. It’s not about having the right answer, it’s about contributing what you know to what is known and living your life the same way. My writing is but one short story in the collection of works which make up my life, and I hope the glimpse into it offered through the Ram Boutique intrigued and inspired you to think of your work and life in the same way.



Chase Pifer


Chase T. Pifer is a hobby author whose writing interests focus on social commentary and the utopian/dystopian literary tradition. With a great deal of exposure to international settings, including time in Italy and the United Kingdom, where he earned his Master’s degree from Kingston University in International Relations, Chase prefers to write about common social struggles and the politicized problems that impact us all. When not writing, Chase whiles away the hours by tending to his family’s organic garden, cycling, cooking (and eating too!), and daydreaming about faraway people, places, and times.

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